“Geoinformation. Law and practice” ed. Marlena Jankowska & Mirosław Pawełczyk

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Geoinformation. Law and practice” ed. Marlena Jankowska & Mirosław Pawełczyk

Geospatial information infrastructure is gaining ever more attention, though academic studies on creating and using that infrastructure remain few and far between. It is clear that the rapid increase in the amount and diversity of data concerning phenomenon happening on the surface of the earth and under it, as well as relevant technological developments, has caught the attention of European Union regulators, and has led to it being regulated, particularly in the area of disseminating the data gathered by the public administration at various levels. With this in mind the editors of the book, scholars at Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Silesia in Katowice, came up with the idea of gathering specialists from University of Canberra, Jagiellonian University, University of Miskolc, University of Nebraska – College of Law, University of Osnabrück, Tbilisi State University, Wageningen University and Kaufmann Consulting to discuss the rules of creating and accessing geospatial information databases. It is believed that a common editorial scheme will contribute to a better understanding of the actions taken on the geo-information market, and will become a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences of many representatives of universities, public administration and business.…The reviewed publication presents legal aspects which concern using geospatial data and building the infrastructure for spatial information from the point of view of several countries, also from these outside the EU.

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In this aspect, it is an innovative work, at least on Polish soil…

Dr hab. Elżbieta Bielecka, Prof. WAT, Eng. 

Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Land Surveying

…For last several years there has been plenty of publications on the topic of geoinformation. However they mostly concern geoinformation systems, while legal aspects are discussed infrequently and vaguely. The creation of the infrastructure for spatial information undoubtedly requires an in-depth analysis of legal aspects, especially these of the right to privacy and the protection of intellectual property…

Dr Małgorzata Gajos

University of Silesia in Katowice Faculty of Computer Technology and Materials Science

…The book “Geoinformation. Law and Practice” is the need of the hour towards building an insight to understand the present day scenario. […] The book practically covers most of the issues relating to geo information and demonstrates deep understanding of authors from across the countries on the issues highlighted…

Dr Vandana Sharma

Ministry of Communications & Information Technology Government of India, New Delhi, India

Publisher: Biblioteka Polskiej Fundacji Prawa Konkurencji i Regulacji Sektorowej Ius Publicum in Warsaw

ISBN 978-83-64611-01-8

pp. 232


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